Car 56-3
2015 Ford Expidition
Car 56-3 has a built-in command center with a full complement of mobile radios, dry erase board and map books. Other features include a Whelen light package, Hazmat books, Pre-plan books, accountability board, water rescue equipment, laptop, and misc. hand tools. The present Chiefs vehicle replaced a 2004 Ford Expedition command vehicle.
Engine 56-3
2009 Sutphen Monarch/ Precision/ Snozzel
Engine 56-3 is equipped with a HALE 2000 GPM pump with a 500-gallon water tank. It is powered by a Cummins 420 HP engine paired with an Allison Transmission. Other features include the 50ft. Snozzel manufactured by Crash Rescue. The boom is capable of flowing 1250 GPM out of the fog nozzle at the tip or 250 GPM out of the piercing tip. The Snozzle also includes a thermal imaging camera which is located at the tip of the boom with a 12-inch monitor mounted in the engineer's compartment. Engine 56-3 has a climate-controlled cab with seating for 6 firefighters, 8 KW generator, 14-inch chain, and K-12 saw, Hurst E-Draulic combination tool, and a Whelen light package. Along with misc. hand tools and gas-powered equipment, Engine 56-3 carries 2000ft. of 5-inch supply hose, 600ft. of 2 1/2- inch supply hose, 200ft. 2 1/2-inch cross-lay, 200ft of 2 1/2 pre-connect to a Blitzfire, 200ft. of 2 1/2-inch dry storage, two 200ft. 1 3/4-inch cross-lays, 400ft. of 1 3/4-inch dry storage, 300ft. 1 3/4-inch cross-lay, and 150ft. of 1-inch booster line. The 2009 Sutphen replaced a 1991 Spartan/E-One pumper.
Traffic 56
2008 Freightliner
This unit has a climate controlled cab with seating for 6 firefighters and has a 7.5 KW Onan generator. Other special features include a Tomar light package, fire police command center, and a full supply of traffic cones, barricades, and detour signs. The present fire police truck replaced a 1991 Chevrolet/ Utilimaster fire police unit.
Rescue 56-3
2004 HME/ Horton
Rescue 56-3 is powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 60 500 HP engine paired with an Allison Transmission. Other features include a climate-controlled cab with seating for 8 firefighters, a 75 KW PTO driven generator, a 15 KW Hydraulic-driven generator, and has a Tomar light package. Rescue 56-3 is equipped with a full supply of HURST rescue tools which include a Super X Cutter, Maverick tool, 32-inch spreader, (2) 60-inch rams, (2) 30-inch rams, and a 20-inch ram. Along with vehicle rescue equipment the rescue has a full line of water rescue and rope rescue equipment. The generators power two Night Scan light towers with 12 1500 watt quartz lights. Two other features that Rescue 56-3 has are a Scott revolve air bottle filling station and a Rehab center. The Current rescue truck replaced a 1985 Hahn rescue.
Marine 56
1991 Chevrolet/ Utilimaster
This unit has seating for 8 water rescue personnel. Marine 56 is fully equipped for any type of water or ice rescue situations. It has over 2000ft. of rope, a line gun, underwater camera, drysuits, ice commander suits, PFDs, misc. hand tools, rehab center, command center, and a portable generator. When dispatched for a water rescue the Marine pulls boats 1 and 2. The current marine unit replaced a 1984 Ford/ Horton water rescue unit.

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